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2024 Arts Contest

We've opted to move this Awards program to the fall when our volunteers have more time for planning.

Stay tuned for more info!

2023 Winners_edited.jpg


2023 Contest Winners!


1st place - Phoenix Land

2nd place - Myla Louden


1st place - Nicole Tunstill

2nd place - Tess Foster

3rd place - Chloe Wallace

ART Finalists

DANCE Finalists

MUSIC Finalists

We received no student submissions for Music during Application Week this year. Our time frame will look different next year to encourage greater participation in all three categories.


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The student must be actively pursuing his/her art interests; the student must have completed 8th grade and must not have graduated from 12th grade, whether enrolled in private school, home-school or public school. The student and at least one parent/guardian must be a current, permanent resident of Lincoln County, Tennessee. Consent from this parent/guardian in required to compete.



All applications must be submitted online at following the guidelines for each category. The application submission links will be made LIVE on Monday, May 15 and will close on Friday, May 19 at midnight. If you encounter any issues or have questions, please email prior to the deadline. Incomplete applications and late will not be accepted.



Judges have been carefully selected for Art, Music, and Dance; these judges will review the content of each application, scoring each applicant according to the rubrics outlined under "Judging and Applications." These scores are then tallied by the Arts Center Contest Committee to determine the Finalists for each category. Finalists will be contacted via email or text message prior to announcing publicly on our website, social media, and local news outlets. All finalists must be able to perform at the Awards Show where final judging takes place.



The Awards Show will be held on Saturday 3 June 2023 from 2-4 pm in the Lincoln County High School Auditorium & Multi-purpose Room . Our judges will be present to give their final scores on the live performances which will be tallied to determine the winners! In each category, First Place gets $250, Second place gets $150, and Third gets a $75 gift card to our Swag Shop. We will photograph the winners and announce publicly following the Awards Show. Winnings will be taken home that day.


Any questions or feedback regarding the F-LC Arts Contest should be directed to Best of luck to all!

Judging & Applications

Application links will be posted prior to Application Week.


Art Contestants will be judged on:

PRESENTATION - The artworks presented are clearly documented as high-quality images. Each image is labeled with a title, year, and short description.

TECHNICAL SKILLS - The student demonstrates a skillful use of their chosen tools and materials.

VISUAL STRATEGIES - The student exhibits an understanding and skillful use of the Elements and Principles of Art & Design in their work. Students are not expected to combine all of these approaches, but to effectively use selected elements and principles within their creative work.

WRITTEN COMMUNICATION - The student demonstrates the ability to write clearly and effectively about their artistic interest and career goals.


Music Contestants will be judged on:

PREPARATION - Memorized; well-rehearsed; Preparedness is evident.

STAGE PRESENCE - Confident; Serious about the music; Comfortable performing; Engages the audience.

DELIVERY/QUALITY - Very few/no mistakes; In tune singing/playing.

CREATIVITY - Touches to make the act special/unique/exciting; Dress and appearance.


Dance contestants will be judged on:

PREPARATION - Appears memorized, well-rehearsed; preparedness is evident.

STAGE PRESENCE - Serious about dance; Comfortable performing/has no problem performing; Engages the audience; Facial expressions and body language are confident.

EXECUTION OF MOVES - Very few/no mistakes; Polished moves; well-rehearsed.

TIMING AND RHYTHM - Keeps in time with music.

CREATIVITY - Touches to make the dance special/unique/exciting; Dress and appearance.

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