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We have been diligently working on our beloved old building with several large-scale projects on the long-term agenda, including gutters/fascia repair (check!), roof replacement (check!), water issue on north-side, climate controlling the gallery, ADA-compliant walkways, and handicap lifts for classroom and gallery access.


Our present Building Fund Goal is $42,430.00 for Hardscaping and Climate Controlling the upstairs Gallery. We currently have about $11,200 in our Building fund from fundraising and donor contributions, and are patiently awaiting a $20,000 contribution from the County! **The commission voted to grant us $20k from AARPA funds that had to be redistributed - praise God! - to go toward our Gallery cooling project!** Once received, we will only need to raise a total of $11,230 to bring both of these goals to completion.

Get this: these two projects will check THREE items off our list! The Hardscaping project should resolve the water issue on the north side of the building as well as attain ADA-compliant walkways, and climate controlling the Gallery upstairs will allow us to be open year-round - finally! With these projects completed, we can get back to focusing more on our mission - and that includes BRINGING BACK THE MUSIC SCENE! We've longed to begin Open Mic sessions again (having to end them just before the pandemic due to the dreadful leak over center stage) and not just in the cold months when we can heat the Gallery. Give it up for PROGRESS!!


Climate Control Gallery ($24,000) | Awaiting the $20,000 from the County | Building Fund contribution: $4,000

Hardscaping ($18,430) | Building Fund contribution: $7,200 | We need: $11,230

The fundraising portal above is specific to the Hardscaping project since the Gallery cooling is now covered. Will update this section as things develop!



All donation to the Fayetteville-Lincoln County Arts Center are tax-deductible.

Please email Jen at with any questions or specific receipt requests for contributions.


Support our Mission

Our Support comes from members of our community and beyond! Whether membership dues, individual donations, corporate sponsorships, grants - the Arts Center relies on the support of the community to continue operation and enable our volunteers to present Arts programming and events to all.

You can donate to our regular operating fund by clicking the button below. THANK YOU for caring about the Arts Center and supporting our endeavors. It’s folks like you who help our community thrive!

Donations by check are always welcome in our mailbox!
Payable to:  F-LC Arts Center
                   303 Main Ave S
                   Fayetteville, TN 37334

Our Sponsors ROCK!

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